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Bulk Email Service

Bulk email is the practice of sending out electronic mail messages to large groups of recipients at once. Depending on how, why and to whom it is sent, bulk email service can be a useful communication tool. Bulk email marketing can be effectively used for business promotion activities or simply to keep people informed about various products or services.

Features of bulk email service

  • Email message personalization.
  • Email messages templates.
  • Easy html message editing.
  • Supports embedded images.

Types of Emails

There are different types of emails namely - transactional, notification and marketing.

Marketing Emails - stimulate your clients and leads with bulk email service. They contain informative / incentive messages. The recipient must agree to receive such emails: opt-in is mandatory.

Common examples of marketing emails :

  • Newsletters.
  • Flash sales.
  • Sales/promotions announcements etc...

Notification Emails - Notification email are also known as trigger, alert or auto-responder. They allow the user to be notified each time a particular event happens (or has happened). More generally, the notification email may be used in order to celebrate and/or mark an event.

Common examples of notification emails :

  • Getting in touch a few days after registration.
  • Congratulations after a status change (first purchase, subscription...).
  • Birthday email.
  • IShopping Cart Abandonment email etc...

Transactional Emails :

This is an expected message and its content is information that the client wishes to check or confirm, and not "discover". This type of email is not intended to optimize the customer relationship but to define it and mark it out. It is a point of reference in one’s CRM.

Common examples of transactional emails :

  • Welcome message / Account opening.
  • Shipment tracking and order status.
  • Order shipment confirmation.
  • Account termination.
  • Payment confirmation etc...

Benefits of sending bulk email

Bulk email marketing is highly cost effective.

Unlike SMS messages it provides scope to provide information in detail.

Emails can be personalized as per the requirement.

Emails can be embedded with images / other attachments.

The bulk email marketing campaign can be tracked with various details.

Sending bulk emails

Bulk emails can be sent with ease through the control panel access provided by the bulk email provider. API for integration into the existing system can also be availed from the bulk email service provider for ease of email sending.

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Customer service

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